Setsuko Okubo

Water Color, Acrylic, Oil, and Mix Media

     Setsuko was born and raised in Tokyo Japan.  She came to Los Angeles to become a pianist and singer for a restaurant in 1972.  She has continued to stay in the music business.

     Since 1989 she started oil painting.  In 1991 she discovered watercolor.  In 1993 she started to study at Citrus College with Mr. Robert Hallett and Mr. Cris Van Winkle.  She has also received a lot of infulence from Mr. Henry Fukuhara since 1996.  In 2001 she also studied design with Mrs. Elanie Moore.

     With the passion she has for art, she has traveled through out Los Angeles, Japan, and New Mexico to paint on locations.

     Numerous judges have honored her work.

1)  Her first solo show was at the Alhambra City Hall in April on 1998.
2)  Solo show number two was at the Yaohan Torrance in September of 1998.
3)  Her third show was at Nick's cafe' in Claremont in March of 2000.
4)  Her fourth show "Sister's Art Exhibition" was at teh La Habra Art Gallery in October of 2000.
5)  Her fifth solo show was at the Plaza Pen and Art in Westminster on October of 2001.

     Since April 4th, 2000, her paintings are for show at the Framery located at 13105 Whittier Blvd.
Whittier, CA 90602.  Her future show will be at the La Habra Art Gallery in October of 2001.